DISCLAIMER: We contain multitudes. I keep a (mostly) kosher-pescetarian diet while my partner isn't Jewish, but does have their own set of dietary needs. Our recipe book is a collaborative effort. While I attempt to bring order to this tangled web of a cookbook we've created through the tag system, be aware that no generalization of this body will be perfect. I'm an authority on nothing - except that each of these recipes are certifiably delicious.

I'll make an effort to add our own photos for these recipe pages at my nearest convenience, but for the meantime enjoy these recipe cards! More will come soon, I'll possibly add a food blog, or a changelog or something to catalog new additions, idk. I try to attribute all recipes where possible. Feel free to print out, share, etc.

Big thanks to Bobby Hines for providing the base CSS for the recipe cards! I think they look great :)

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